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RSS feeds rss feeds
RSS feeds allow one to syndicate news or other content. The feed is an XML file that can be read by special feed reading software (called ‘news readers’, ‘feed readers’ or ‘news aggregators’) that you can use from your web browser. In this way you will be ‘fed’ Exxaro news articles to your desktop.

More on RSS and downloads for readers


This website has been designed and built to be accessible to as many web users as possible, ensuring the widest audience in terms of web browsers and individual abilities are accommodated. Features we have incorporated include:

Font sizes
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You’ll get the most out of this website if you use Internet Explorer 6 and 7 or Mozilla Firefox to view this site. Some advanced features may only be available to users with more recent (generation 7) browsers, although most of the site is designed to be version 5 browser compatible. If you would like to update your browser, you can download a new version by following the Microsoft and Firefox links below.


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Many documents can be downloaded from this site as PDF (Portable Document Format) files. PDF allows for press-quality printing and reading. To get the free Acrobat Reader software from Adobe, click on the Acrobat link below.

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<span >Download
Acrobat Reader to view PDFs

To read PDF files you would need Acrobat Reader:
1. If you do not have access to Acrobat Reader, click on the Get Acrobat Reader icon above.
2. This will take you to the Acrobat website from where you can download Acrobat
Reader 7.0.
3. Complete all items on the form and select your correct “platform” e.g.
Windows XP or Macintosh
4. Click “download” and save the file to your desktop
5. After download complete * click Acrobat Reader file to install on your
6. You can now open and print all Acrobat files

* Please note that this file is approximately 15 MB, accordingly the download
time may be substantial, depending on your connection speed

Windows Media Player



How do I download files to my desktop?
This site contains a selection of PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Word
document files that may be downloaded onto your hard drive:

  • For PCs, right-click on your mouse. Specify where you want to save the
    file in the dialogue window and then click save.
  • For Macs, click the options key and then specify where you want to save
    the file in the dialogue window.

<b >What if I don’t have Microsoft Office to view PowerPoint, Excel or Word documents?
You may still be able to open the documents in a comparable program. You can also browse to the Microsoft Office website and download a viewer, which will allow you to view and print all these kinds of files, but not edit them or create new files. Alternately, you can view these documents using OpenOffice software, the link for download available here. .

 Download products from Microsoft
 Download OpenOffice