Annual reporting

Exxaro was formed as part of an empowerment transaction that involved the unbundling of Kumba Resources’ iron ore assets and the re-listing of Kumba Resources as Exxaro. Exxaro includes the merged assets of Eyesizwe Coal. This annual report archive therefore also contains reports produced by Kumba Resources.

Integrated Report   Supplementary Report   Consolidated Mineral Resources
and Ore Reserves Report
  Annual Financial Statements  

    Supplementary Report
(PDF – 2.2MB)
  Consolidated Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves Report (CMRR)
(PDF – 1.6MB)
  Group Annual Financial Statements
(PDF – 5.9MB)
  Summarised Group Financial Statements and Notice of the Annual General Meeting
(PDF – 1.8MB)
    2015 Global Reporting Initiative Tables
(PDF – 556KB)
  United Nations Global Compact
(PDF – 1.1MB)

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Integrated Report
(PDF – 6.3MB)
  Supplementary Report   Group Annual Financial Statements
(PDF – 4.5MB)
  Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves Report
(PDF – 4.1MB)
  GRI Reference Table
(PDF – 1.8MB)
  Summarised Group Financial Statements & Notice of AGM
(PDF – 835KB)

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Integrated report 2013 (PDF – 7.8MB)   Annual Financial Statements 2013 (PDF – 1.9MB)   Supplement to Integrated Report 2013: Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves 2013 (PDF – 3.9MB)

Supplemental Report Information 2013

  GRI 2013 (PDF – 599KB)  

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