ABSA Cape Epic 2014

  • Epic
  • 8 days … 718km … 14 850m of climbing … 1 200 riders … This is the Absa Cape Epic and Exxaro is again very proud to be part of this spectacular event.

  • Trophy
  • This year, the overall winning development team will also walk away with the Exxaro trophy. Exxaro will present a custom-designed trophy created by Lwandiso Njara, protégé of well-known sculptor Angus Taylor.

  • Development jersey Title Race
  • In 2012, the Exxaro Development Jersey was introduced. South African teams, of which both members are historically disadvantaged, may compete for the jersey – provided both are under 26-years old on 31 December of the year in which the race takes place.

    The inaugural jersey was won by Azukile Simayile and Siphosenkosi Madolo.

    In 2013 Prince Maseko and Phillimon Sebona won the sought-after green Exxaro jersey.

  • Exxaro development ladies
  • Exxaro has chosen to foster the sport as a catalyst for change and together with the Absa Cape Epic, assist to ultimately transform the sport in South Africa. The Exxaro MTB Academy is proud to have a small number of female historically disadvantaged riders joining the Academy’s programme. We hope to identify and develop more and more female riders and to prepare them for participating in future events.

Academy Profile

In 2011, three Exxaro teams participated in the Absa Cape Epic and raised R1,5 million for charity.

One aspect that became clear at the 2011 event was the virtual absence of any historically disadvantaged South African (HDSA) riders. Although many reasons can be put forward for this absence, example lack of resources; lack of interest; limited access to support structures; etc. it still remains unknown. Not only is there an obvious lack of knowledge about mountain biking (MTB) amongst HDSAs, but also a huge opportunity to bring MTB to all levels of society in South Africa.

Academy vision and objectives


To introduce the mountain biking experience to historically disadvantaged communities and individuals, and ultimately assist to transform the sport in South Africa.


  • Increase the number of HDSA riders participating in MTB
  • Increase the number of HDSA riders participating in and finishing events like the Absa Cape Epic, and thereby establishing them as role models for young kids
  • Associate Exxaro with empowerment, leadership and support of the transformation of MTB in South Africa