Location     South of Middelburg
Product     Thermal coal
Market     Domestic (Eskom)
Resources (inclusive)     250,3Mt
Reserve     54,2Mt
Mining method     Underground
Run of mine     1,44Mt
Life of mine     19 years
GPS co-ordinates     S25 55 39.5 E29.46.25.6

Situated some 43 km from Middelburg in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province, this mine extracts coal using both underground and opencast operations, employs 1100 employees (with an additional 300 contract employees deployed in the opencast operation) with a run of mine of 1,44 Mt of thermal coal. Arnot uses mechanised mining methods and continuous mining processes. The mine is contracted to supply Eskom’s Arnot power station with coal on a “cost-plus” agreement in which there is a return on investment and a management fee. The mine has a coal reserve base of 54,2Mt and a resource of 250,3Mt.

Chris Silver
Business unit manager
Tel: +27 13 297 8029
Fax: +27 13 297 8007