Rock Engineer

Vacancy Number: P40189594

Business Unit: Leeuwpan

Business Section: Engineering

Physical Location: Delmas

Start Date: 2018-07-11

Application Closing Date: 2018-07-18

Contact Person: Marlise Boshoff


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BEng Civil Engineering ( Essential/Minimum )

BEng Mining Engineering ( Essential/Minimum or )

BSc (Hons) Engineering Geology ( Essential/Minimum or )

BSc (Hons) Geology ( Essential/Minimum or )

Management Development Programme ( Recommended/Desirable )


6-8 years relevant operational mining geotechnical experience (Essential/Minimum)Operational


  • Certificate of Fitness ( Essential/Minimum )
  • CoM Cert Rock Mechanic (Essential/Minimum)
  • SA Council for Natural Scientific Profes. ( Essential/Minimum or )
  • SA National Institute of Rock Engineering ( Essential/Minimum or )
  • Engineering Council of SA ( Essential/Minimum )
  • MHSA 14.1.8 - Non-Mandatory ( Essential/Minimum )
  • Psychometric Assessment ( Essential/Minimum )


The incumbent will inter alia be responsible for the following:

Business Performance and Operations

• Confirm that sufficient and appropriate geotechnical data is collected, captured and validated to facilitate geotechnical designs that conform to international best practices.

• Data interpretation and database management, maintain the Rock Engineering and geotechnical data base and documents

• Supervise day-to-day operational aspects of project/scope

• Participate in planning, mine excavation and support design function, ground stability monitoring system design and execution

• Conduct rock engineering related special investigations and submit findings to relevant stakeholders

Compliance, Governance and Assurance

• Confirm that operation adhere to and comply with corporate governance, statutory, legal and other requirements

• Implement controls to ensure compliance to statutory and legal requirements within designated area

• Accept responsibility for SHE by creating awareness and addressing all unsafe practices in a timeous manner

• Confirm that relevant mandatory Codes of Practice (CoP) are in place and comply with guidelines issued by the Department of Mineral Resources

• Develop and implement an effective quality assurance process that will ensure that the ground support elements and systems used on the operation provide the required performance characteristics for the loading conditions expected

• Conduct regular assurance reviews on mine excavation and ground support execution/ performance; report on abnormal ground conditions and deviation from design; and recommend remedial action.

• Draft standards and specifications to which geotechnical related external suppliers must comply • Review, identify and make recommendations to the relevant stakeholders with regard to systems, procedures and techniques to reduce or eliminate geotechnical related hazards

Functional Excellence

Guarantee quality of service for delivery of Rock Engineering support services consistent with operational and legal requirements

• Identify and investigate problems, lead development of solutions toward optimising applicable processes/systems

• Support functional excellence initiatives

• Contribute to Rock Engineering functional/cross-functional alignment with other Geoscientific and MRM disciplines

• Contribute to effective reporting to ensure safety and operational excellence

• Provide expert tech support/direction to stakeholders

Functional Management

Develop functional strategy and support implementation of company and operational strategy.

• Oversee activities of reporting staff and strive toward achieving operational targets

• Maintain and strive to high performance standards

• Contribute to a culture of continuous improvement and change agility in Function

• Communicate and engage cross-functionally with peers striving for excellence

• Determine, motivate and manage operational and capital budgets to ensure optimal performance of functional department.

• Manage specialist geotechnical contractors and consultants

• Manage and develop junior staff aligned with Exxaro Group strategy for Rock Engineering talent management and retention

Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Adhere to all health/safety practices and promote good housekeeping on an ongoing basis

• Address all unsafe practices/potential hazardous situations, rectify/report to superior

• Comply with SHEC/technical requirements

• Comply to safety pre-cautionary measures

• Maintain & ensure a healthy environment, safe operations & practices • Encourage a culture that focuses on safety in all operations

Specialised Support

• Compile professional technical reports to relevant stakeholders

• Coordinate the drafting, revision and implementation of all ground control related COPs, Procedures and standards

• Design and optimise mine excavations, extraction sequences, mechanically placed mine residue deposits/backfill systems and ground support systems according to relevant standards.

• Provide inputs during the mine design, planning and operation as well as on-mine projects to ensure overall mine stability and optimum reserve utilization.

• Design and implement systems and processes to monitor ground deformation behaviour and support performance, analyse results and recommend appropriate actions.

• Develop and maintain content of ground control training syllabus and assist training personnel with strata control-related training for different levels of mine staff.

• Drive and implement improvement projects and opportunities to enable the development of solutions toward optimising applicable processes / systems.

• Conduct technical evaluations of relevant projects in various developmental stages by applying appropriate evaluation methods and project management principles

• Investigate fall of ground related accidents and analyse trends

• Analyse root causes of fall of ground related accidents and incidents to certify appropriate ground control strategies

• Provide guidance to mine management regarding the interpretation of rock engineering related issues

• Stay abreast of Rock Engineering/Geotechnical related technologies, developments and best practice

• Advise on, monitor and analyse pillar extraction sequence when necessary

Applicants must email a CV and qualifications to   on or before 2018.07.18 at 16:00. The appointment will be made in accordance with Exxaro’s Employment Equity policy.

If you have not been contacted within 28 days of the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.