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Mining Indaba 2018 - Day 2 Wrap-up

Yesterday, I was wearing both my Exxaro and Chamber hats, I spoke about the need for a common vision for inclusive growth and sustainability issues, to ensure the long-term future of the mining industry. I also touched on technology and innovation and their role in shaping and growing the private sector, mining included. Whilst most industries have evolved from a tech point of view, the extractive sector is lagging. 

At Exxaro we want to do things differently, by joining the 4th industrial revolution instead of resisting it. In this day and age, you have a choice between disrupting or being disrupted. Numerous once very powerful companies such as Nokia have been confined to a corporate graveyard because they were too slow.

Mining companies are not exempt from this fate. Just because you have been successfully doing things a certain way for a long time doesn’t mean that this strategy will work forever. Excellence is an ongoing journey, and never a destination. That is why Exxaro, despite being a coal company, is exploring the world of renewables, water and energy for instance. 

Our executive head for Coal Operations, Nombasa Tsengwa will continue this dialogue today during a panel discussion on the future demand for African energy commodities based on the changing energy mix. Fellow panelists include Peter Mallin-Jones, an analyst at Peel Hunt, and July Ndlovu, CEO of Anglo American Coal. I expect it to be an interesting discussion, just as interesting as the times we are living in right now. As with everything, tech is changing the African energy landscape, encompassing everything from clean coal and renewables to electric and fuel cell technology. 

We want to be part of that dialogue.

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Chief Executive Officer, Exxaro Resources | President, Chamber of Mines South Africa