Investing in African Mining Indaba - 25th Anniversary Day 2

The fact South Africa had fewer mining fatalities last year (84) compared to 2017 (89) is no reason to celebrate: our country still has o‌ne of the highest mining fatality rates in the world, we heard during the second day of the 2019 Mining Indaba. It was, therefore, comforting to hear our fellow miners speak about their concrete plans to achieve a zero-fatality scenario in the future. One life lost is o‌ne life too many. 

Technology is a vehicle to achieve this. As our Executive Head of Sustainability Mongezi Veti said during the panel discussion he participated in: innovation helps companies extract info‌rmation about potential risks, predict risks faster, and make quicker decisions around the deployment of resources to prevent and mitigate risks. 

Using technology to your advantage, however, requires showing your employees that innovative interventions to prevent fatal accidents won’t compete with their jobs. Losing o‌ne’s job to robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a real fear amongst workers. At Exxaro Resources, we see technology as an enabler, not as an alternative to people and their skills. 

Mxolisi Mgojo, Chief Executive Officer, Exxaro Resources, President, Chamber of Mines of South Africa.