Investing in African Mining Indaba - 25th Anniversary Day 4

One of the most commendable changes to the Mining Indaba agenda has been the growing focus o‌n communities, health and safety of workers, diversity, and sustainable development. As I said today: mining companies don’t just exist to make profits. Those who are doing so, will cease to exist, it is that simple. 

Mining houses can do both, but in order to find sustainable solutions to achieve this balance, we need to dig deeper and need to search in our own souls to find answers the following questions: how much do we respect human life? To what extent are we putting profits above looking after the safety and health of our workers, the state of the environment, and the well-being of communities?. 

In my opinion, mining companies can do all of the above, and be profitable at the same time. Exxaro proves that doing the right thing and business success go hand in hand, seamlessly. Morally, we must do the right thing. We need to be conscious of Vale-type disasters. We need to be vigilant. It doesn’t matter how much it will cost us, o‌ne death is o‌ne death too many. 

Mxolisi Mgojo, Chief Executive Officer, Exxaro Resources, President, Chamber of Mines of South Africa.