Grootegeluk New Rapid Load Out Station (GGNRLOS)

With faster train handling time, higher load accuracy and an adjusted train loading direction

Grootegeluk New Rapid Load Out Station (GGNRLOS)

Project Overview


The Grootegeluk mining complex currently possesses two rail Load Out Stations, namely the Semisoft Coking Coal Load Out Station (SSCC LOS) and the D8 Load out Station (D8 LOS). With inadequate surge bin capacity on the D8 LOS (first put into production in the 1990s), and with limitations on the loading capabilities of the SSCC LOS, the implementation of a new rapid Load Out Station to optimise logistical processes, is imperative.


These more efficient operations will ensure compliance with the current and future requirements of Transnet, as well as ensuring Exxaro’s continued competitive advantage. It will  increase the volume of transported products on rail and have faster, more accurate train loads. The conveyors, transfer stations and train loading system will be designed to load various types of products from several stockyards and will vary from export to domestic products. The new configuration of the LOS will consist of:


  • A rail siding and shunt yard
  • A new rapid Load Out Station system
  • Feed conveyor and the collecting conveyors
  • A coal silo and purge system


Full production ramp-up at the site is expected to be achieved approximately six months after handover, toward the second half of 2019.