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Digital Sourcing Solution, powered by Coupa

Exxaro is transitioning to a Digital Sourcing Solution, powered by Coupa. This is a cloud-based solution which means you can access it from anywhere, at any time, for all your purchasing needs.

The Digital Sourcing Solution will enable you to:

  • Receive and respond to tenders or RFQs;
  • Receive and respond to POs;
  • Create and submit invoices;
  • Create and submit service/time sheets;
  • Manage your supplier profile;
  • Receive contracts via email, participate in contract authoring, initial contracts, and sign contracts electronically.

To support you on our new journey, we’ve created training material to ensure that transacting with us will be simple and straight forward! For an overview of the benefits and capabilities of our new Digital Sourcing Solution watch this short video.

Exxaro Supplier Code of Conduct

The Exxaro Supplier Code of Conduct communicates standards that we regard as mandatory for selecting suppliers, who are obliged to live up to this code. We conduct rigorous audits to ensure compliance.

While the Exxaro Supplier Code of Conduct contains sustainability issues that are pertinent to our strategic objectives, we welcome the possibility of collaboration with suppliers to enhance their capability to meet these standards. When selecting suppliers in consideration of this code, we will take cognisance of the difference in size and maturity of suppliers.

Download the Exxaro Supplier Code of Conduct here:

Apply as a Prospective Supplier

As a Prospective Supplier, you may be invited to quote or tender based o‌n the info‌rmation submitted through our self-registration portal. To start the application process, please click the butto‌n below:

For more info‌rmation around the process of becoming an Exxaro Supplier, download our quick reference guide below:

Supply Chain Disclaimer

Exxaro allows access to this website for users who wish to introduce their business to our Supply Chain Management. Details of users received may be available for access by internal officials on a continuous basis. Should your profile be accessed and found to be compatible with business requirements, you may be approached or contacted in this regard by Exxaro functionaries.

Supplier Contact

Manager Supply Chain Sustainability

Sandile Khumalo

 012 307 4210