Biodiversity focus

Exxaro is a South Africa-based mining company who cares for the environment and supports various biodiversity projects. Baboon spiders are protected species. While upgrading the Nelson Mandela Road in Lephalale, Exxaro idenitifed two species of baboon spiders. Road construction was suspended and Exxaro captured and relocated 200 spiders to a safe site at its Manketti Game Reserve. Read more about this and other biodiversity projects.

Read more about this and other biodiversity projects

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Baboon spider relocation project


A mining approach to sustainability

The prosperity of South Africa is inseparably linked to the sustainability of our world-class mining sector which contributes almost one fifth of the country’s GDP. Given the wealth of South Africa’s mineral resources, it is a sector that holds much promise, as well as the expectations of thousands of unemployed citizens. However it is also a sector facing enormous challenges. From environmental issues such as climate change and water, stricter regulatory environments, ageing infrastructure and new technological advancements to industrial relations unrest, social development demands and economic downturns, the challenges are vast. In any business or sector, short-term factors often grab the headlines. At Exxaro, we believe that it is the long-term trends that will produce a different world in 2030 and beyond. Hence, it is the long-term considerations that shape our thinking.