Our vision: to make a positive difference in the world

About Exxaro Resources

About Us

In November 2006, Kumba Resources Limited unbundled and Kumba’s coal and other assets merged with Eyesizwe Coal to create Exxaro Resources Limited. Exxaro has since grown to become one of the largest black-empowered diversified mining companies in South Africa.

Exxaro has an asset portfolio, which includes coal operations and investments in iron ore, residual pigment manufacturing and renewable (wind) energy (Cennergi). The organisation prides itself in being more than just a mining business and strongly believes that empowering local communities in which it operates and making a positive impact on the world is central to its purpose.

The company assumes and actively practices a balanced approach for sustainable growth and impact to ensure that a future us secured for everyone of its stakeholders. Exxaro’s purpose to Power better Lives in Africa and beyond will be achieved by responsibly investing in resources that will improve and sustain life on the continent. In the last decade, Exxaro has established itself as an organisation that is respected by its peers for its innovation, ethics and integrity, and has been recognised as a leading performer in the FTSE Russel ESG Index.

Company Profile

In November 2006, Kumba Resources Limited unbundled and Kumba’s coal and other assets merged with Eyesizwe Coal to create Exxaro Resources Limited. We have since grown to become one of the largest and foremost black-empowered coal and heavy mineral companies in South Africa, with other business interests around the world in Europe, the United States of America, and Australia. Our asset portfolio includes coal operations and investments in iron ore, pigment manufacturing, renewable energy (wind), and residual base metals.

BEE Ownership Structure

Exxaro is a sum of all its smaller working parts. This is how our organisation is structured.

Strategic Vision

At Exxaro, our vision is as simple as this: we want to make a positive impact on the world. We aim to power better lives in Africa and beyond by responsibly investing in commodities that will sustain life on the continent.

This goal is being realised by supplying basic and primary needs, the things that keep us functioning as a society, through energy, water, and food. We manage to do all this through our primary commodity – coal – which we are using to fuel our future. Through our growth and innovation, we are working towards becoming an unstoppable source of endless possibilities.

We know none of this is possible without our people. Their imagination and passion is what constantly nourishes our journey to change the world for the better.

Exxaro encourages collaboration, commitment and creativity in an environment that promotes safety, health, and welfare – and where respect and equality are prerequisites. We know that our highly qualified workforce will become the industry leaders of tomorrow.


We support transformation through economic empowerment ownership, among others. We strongly believe our replacement BEE transaction, implemented in December 2017 after our initial BEE shareholding agreement expired in 2016, will create wealth through a reduced risk profile that contributes to sustainable empowerment. The new structure is less risky and more flexible — important in a cyclical industry. Exxaro has given BEE investors greater flexibility through a range of liquidity options, but structured so that our black shareholding will never drop below the level required for compliance or contractual purposes. Following publication of the new mining charter, we are investigating the most appropriate structure for an employee and community share ownership plan, as previously committee.


Exxaro is lead by a team of Board of Directors, and an Executive Committee committed to driving success.


Everything we do today is geared toward ensuring a safer and more productive tomorrow. Our sustainability is founded on creative, mutually constructive relationships and common values with our stakeholders.


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