DE&I: Belonging Powers Possibility

Our position statement in support of our diversity’ equity, and inclusion (DE&I) strategy is ‘one Exxaro for all’, which is the driving force behind everything we do to empower all employees, regardless of gender, race, or culture. We are proud to have a myriad of talented individuals working at Exxaro who come from diverse backgrounds and offer fresh perspectives. To harness our varied talent and thinking, we run events and initiatives that promote an all-inclusive, open, and connected culture.

Developing the skills of our workforce is the cornerstone of successfully implementing our employment equity strategy – progress and transformation have been two of our top priorities for over a decade. Without them, we would be unable to meet our transformation objectives or do our part in driving the national obligation towards a non-racial and transformed society.

To enable continuous diversity, we consult our employees and unions to structure detailed plans of affirmative-action measures for each business unit, focusing on attracting, developing, and retaining people from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.

The implementation of our DE&I strategy is managed by a framework. The key objectives of this framework include:

  1. Promoting an aspirational vision for the Exxaro brand on both national and international platforms through strategic partnerships in terms of the promotion of diversity and inclusion to stakeholders.
  2. Promoting a diverse and inclusive workforce through our actions, practices, leadership, and culture by enhancing our employees’ experience by creating a compelling employee value proposition (EVP) to become the ‘employer of choice’.
  3. Achieving 50% of women on management levels by 2025.
  4. Being a catalyst in accelerating our focus to enhance Exxaro’s business purpose and stakeholder value creation.

Gender Equity, Representation, and Identity

Gender Equity, Representation, and Identity

  • Appointing black females as business unit or operations managers as well as in other core roles whilst addressing pay differentials.
  • Developing women through mentorship, coaching and sponsorship.
  • Adapting our organisation to embrace gender inclusivity in the way we work.
  • Acting swiftly and responsibly to incidences of harassment and discrimination with zero tolerance towards gender-based violence and femicide.
LGBTQIA+ Equity Identity

LGBTQIA+ Equity Identity

  • Creating awareness around gender identity through an LGBTQIA+ forum.
  • Remaining accountable by means of our South African Workplace Equality Index (SAWEI) relationship.
  • Adapting our culture by responsibly training all leaders and employees on topics of gender equity and identity, LGBTQIA+, inclusive culture and external inclusivity.
  • Ensuring we have diverse, inclusive, and progressive workplace frameworks and practices in place around LGBTQIA+ rights.
  • Adding gender-neutral facilities.
Racial Equity

Racial Equity:
Both Attitudinal and Systemic Racism

  • Training leaders on anti-racism and unconscious bias, creating a common language for racial equity whilst developing inclusive leadership competencies.
  • Embracing DE&I through training with regards to interview panels and project teams, facilitating equal representation and cultural sensitivity.
  • Developing responsible policies and practices to eliminate discriminatory actions.
  • Fast-tracking through mentorship and equitable development.
Disability Competence

Disability Competence:
Awareness and Accessibility

  • Taking ownership through aligning clear targets with the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) guidelines, as well as the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) Code of Good Practice.
    • Improving practical workplace access across disabilities, facilitating an open and connected working environment.
    • Training employees on disability awareness and responsibly equipping managers with support capabilities.
    • Including people with disabilities in committees and projects.
    • Addressing assumptions and completely removing barriers to entry, creating equal employment opportunities for all.
Inclusive Culture

Inclusive Culture:
Language, Value and Mindsets

  • Creating a culture of diversity and inclusivity by training all leaders and employees on topics of gender equity and identity, LGBTQIA+, racial equity, disability competence, inclusive culture, and external inclusivity.
    • Leading courageous conversations as an organisation around DE&I topics.
    • Demonstrating our commitment to inclusivity beyond race and gender by creating open and connected spaces, being adaptable, implementing responsible written and spoken language whilst communicating our diverse, open and connected culture through all channels and campaign initiatives.
Supplier Diversity and External Inclusion

Supplier Diversity and External Inclusion:
Transforming Society Through Transforming Business

  • Creating an open and connected organisation through a multidimensional approach.
    • Leading with bold statements of commitment to achieve equity of marginalised people through environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives.
    • Enabling economic growth for black-owned and women-owned small-, micro- and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs).
    • Communicating our ongoing commitment to DE&I.
    • Supporting communities equitably and responsibly through policies, partnerships, and development initiatives.