We’re investing in a brighter future, for all


At Exxaro, we strongly believe that the community is vital to our success. Our growth and success are dependent on our employees and the people we partner with around the country. There is no “us” and “them”, only “together”.

We are using the strength of our business to collaboratively foster empowered communities who can access, and participate in, more socio-economic possibilities; by investing in initiatives that will deliver sustainable societies through proactive engagement, deep understanding of societal needs, and regulations and application of best practices. By adopting an integrated approach, we will create sustainable jobs and promote local procurement to create shared value.

Specific areas of investment which will empower communities have been identified such as; education, health, infrastructure (water and roads), and food production. A common thread amongst these areas of investment is enterprise development - it will lead to economic development and prosperity at local community levels.

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To create high impact, long-term projects, Exxaro will continue to pursue collaboration with relevant partners for shared risk and opportunity. These partners, other than government, will include, amongst others; mining/private sector companies, civil society groups, and academic institutions.

Exxaro in the Community

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