Exxaro acknowledged for excellence in prestigious Vigeo Eiris ‘Best Emerging Market Performers’ ranking

Exxaro has featured in the latest Vigeo Eiris ranking of the best emerging market performers. The ranking comprises the 100 best performing companies listed in emerging markets, in terms of their approach and ongoing dedication to social responsibility.

The Vigeo Eiris ranking is updated every six months, in June and December, and the ‘Top 100’ are selected from over 850 companies in 31 different countries from 32 sectors.

Stringent criteria applied

Companies included in this index have achieved the highest scores, as determined by a review of various indicators assessed using Vigeo Eiris’ exclusive methodology. The indicators reflect a company’s performance in the following six areas of corporate environmental, social and governance responsibility: human rights, human resources, community involvement, business behaviour and corporate governance.

Companies can be excluded from this index if they don’t achieve a high enough performance or if they are subject to critical or recurrent controversies for which they fail to provide visible evidence of corrective measures or stakeholder engagement. The components are reviewed every six months by the Vigeo Eiris indices team.

Exxaro’s inclusion in the Top 100

The fact that Exxaro has been included in the ranking means that it is a company that’s committed to responsible growth and sustainable value creation.

Exxaro plays a significant role in South Africa as an employer, offering direct and indirect jobs, skills development, as well as enterprise and supplier development (ESD) opportunities. The mining group’s socio-economic development strategy, including its approach to education and ESD, is aligned with its vision to have a positive impact on society. Exxaro also considers the long-term perspectives of government strategies, such as the 2030 National Development Plan, as well as integrated development plans of the local municipalities where it operates.

Committed to investing in initiatives that build sustainable communities, Exxaro prioritises collaboration and partnerships, proactive engagements, cultivating a deeper understanding of societal needs, and applying best practices in corporate citizenship.

To ensure measurable benefits, Exxaro uses its social return on investment methodology to constantly evaluate the impact of the initiatives implemented in the communities surrounding its operations. It focuses on four key socio-economic development areas to enhance value creation and self-empowerment for local communities: education; health and the natural environment; infrastructure development; and ESD.

“It is critically important that we respond appropriately to challenges experienced by our host communities in order to uphold our social licence to operate and meaningfully address the concerns of those residing in areas adjacent to our operations. Our goal is to have a positive impact on people’s lives and to leave a lasting legacy, said Mxolisi Mgojo, CEO at Exxaro.

“We are delighted to have been included in the latest ranking of the 100 best emerging market performers. This accolade is a great honour, and it bears testament to our ongoing commitment when it comes to corporate social responsibility,” he added.