Mega Projects

From initiatives dedicated to incorporating diverse stakeholder perspectives and strengthening our existing human resources, to upgrading existing sites to be more modern and efficient, Exxaro’s Mega Projects are geared toward ensuring a more productive tomorrow. These investments have several objectives: to grow the coal business, to expand and increase production volumes in a more sustainable way, and to lead the way towards greater sustainability and community development.

Leeuwpan Life Extension

Project Overview:

Leeuwpan Life Extension

This R570 million optimisation project aimed to enhance Leeuwpan’s performance through better alignment of access roads to the site and upgrades to the existing plant.

Producing high-quality thermal and metallurgical coal to both the domestic and export markets, the expansion of the site’s new OI pit necessitated the relocation of 49 households, including the provision of houses and related services. It also required the re-alignment of the existing R50 and Silica Mine Road, as well as the extensive rehabilitation of wetlands to ensure the health and sustainability of the area.

Construction of the box cut was completed in September 2018, with full production capability being reached approximately one year after handover. Construction of the RAP houses was completed in February 2021, and the relocation of the 148 community members to Botleng was completed in April 2021.