A career at Exxaro

An opportunity to work toward powering a sustainable future for the people of South Africa


Why work for us?

  • We have strong values that are well embedded across our organisation
  • We inspire our people and guide them toward a meaningful purpose
  • We create new opportunities, appreciating that change is inevitable, based on current social, economic, and technological realities
  • We demonstrate our commitment to jointly shaping our future through broad engagement and feedback across our business
  • We care for each other
  • We make real changes to demonstrate the progression towards our desired culture
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At Exxaro, we understand that we are only as strong as our people – both present and future – who we know are our greatest source of value. We are committed to looking after our employees and enriching their lives, and thus, investing in our workforce is a high priority.

Exxaro empowers its employees to make decisions and drive outcomes through trust-based leadership and right-sizing governance. We provide fair and equitable reward in relation to performance, and foster a culture of true ownership that enables an entrepreneurial mindset. This allows our people to be leaders in the industry – cultivating change, and powering possibility.

In exchange, we hold our employees accountable to perform at the highest standard of their ability. We want our workforce to be faster and more adaptable, and to strive to deliver the greatest possible results to meet our objectives and targets. 

Available Vacancies

Technician, Instrumentation (Temp)

PURPOSE: • To test, repair, inspect and maintain metering and recording instruments, controlling devices, data logging...

Technician, Instrumentation (Temp)

PURPOSE: • To test, repair, inspect and maintain metering and recording instruments, controlling devices, data logging...

The conneXXion

Exxaro has adopted a new workplace model - one that drives the organisation’s culture of true ownership, and one that ensures we continue to support our employees. At our Corporate Centre, we have rolled out Activity Based Working (ABW).


ABW is a system built on trust and empowerment, which dispels ideas of the traditional workspace in favour of an environment that puts the power in the hands of the workforce. It is a way of functioning that’s agile, flexible, and smart, allowing staff to work, interact, and collaborate in a way that best suits them.  


The model focuses on prioritising the needs of employees. They are given the power of mobility, meaning that instead of being restricted to a single area, the entire building becomes their workspace. Work takes place everywhere and anywhere – even outside the office if necessary. Furthermore, staff are given the choice of how, when, and with whom they work. Their workspace is essentially determined by whatever task they need to accomplish.


To support this new work culture, we have begun constructing a brand new Exxaro building that will utilise ABW to its full potential. Our new headquarters will boast a multipurpose structure that has been designed as a social space for incidental interaction and cohesion. Its final concept can be viewed below.

Exxaro's workplace model with water angle
Exxaro's workplace model from front of model
Exxaro's workplace model with street view

Features of Exxaro’s new building include:


  • 8 different workplace settings for 10 typical activities
  • A careful balance of collaboration and individual work settings
  • Spatial equity 

Employment Equity

As one of the largest black-empowered mining companies in South Africa, we are committed to meeting transformation objectives. At Exxaro, we believe in supporting continuous diversity and developing the skills of our workforce to enable progress.


We’ve been doing this for the past decade thanks to our employment equity strategy. It’s founded on detailed plans that are developed by each business unit in collaboration with each of its employees and their respective unions.


By following these plans, recruitment and skills development are managed responsibly, which in turn promotes transformation – all without affecting existing positions. Lastly, each business unit has an employment equity forum that is actively involved in developing, monitoring, and communicating employment plans.