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Integrated Report

This integrated report should be read with the comprehensive supplementary information...

Supplementary Report

This supplementary report complements and expands on information disclosed in the 2014...

Group Annual Financial Statements

The statements below summarise the total cash wealth created and how it was disbursed...

Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves Report

The reported Exxaro mineral resources and reserves are presented in the integrated report...

GRI Reference Table

This index includes the latest GRI guidelines (G4) as well as the 2009 mining and...

Summarised Group Financial Statements & Notice of AGM

These summarised group annual financial statements have been prepared under the...

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Legal documentation, reports, AGM reports, previous integrated reports and fact books

Applicable Pricing Supplement
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Applicable Pricing Supplement Signed
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Applicable Pricing Supplement Signed
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B-BBEE Certificate
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