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Press Release • 24 Oct 2019

Promoting the importance of road safety initiatives: exxaro accepts second rtms accredited award.

Promoting the importance of road safety initiatives: exxaro accepts second rtms accredited award.

Following the recent launch of the conneXXion building earlier this month, mining giant Exxaro – alongside sponsors (Gijima and Ronin) held an exclusive Road Traffic Management Service (RTMS) workshop at the newly opened building.

RTMS is an industry–led, government-supported, voluntary, self-regulation scheme that encourages consignees, consignors & road transport operators to implement a management system (a set of standards) that demonstrates compliance with the Road Traffic Regulations and contributes to preserving road infrastructure, improving road safety and increasing productivity. Exxaro is the first company to be accredited and the first to be accredited in accordance with the amendment.

During his welcoming speech, Exxaro CEO, Mxolisi Mgojo stated that this workshop is testament to the mining company’s commitment to forward-thinking, digital and safety initiatives. “We are proud to be associated with RTMS and this mutually beneficial partnership is one that looks to make a difference not only on our roads.”

Through the implementation of RTMS processes, companies demonstrate that they pose minimal risk to the road infrastructure, the environment and other road users, as well as taking care of their drivers.

Exxaro is one such example where road safety is actively promoted in its pioneering strategy to find safer and more effective methods to assist with productivity and increased safety.

The impact can already be seen in Exxaro Grootegeluk mine in Lephalale where the mine deploys on average 500kt of coal per annum via road. By adopting RTMS processes, the company benefitted from better enforcement strategies by the road and traffic authorities, reduced overloading of heavy vehicles, limited road damage and increased driver health.

“Overloading causes premature road deterioration and, together with inadequate vehicle maintenance, high levels of driver fatigue and poor driver healthcare programmes contribute significantly to South Africa’s poor road safety record,” Exxaro Solution Architect, Marketing & Logistics, Johan Bisschoff stated.

“As a consignor or consignee, Exxaro has a responsibility to ensure that we do not allow our product to be loaded on unroadworthy vehicles. Furthermore, we need to ensure equipment operators are healthy, trained, licensed and work under a proper fatigue-management plan,” Mgojo explained. During the workshop, Exxaro was handed the second RTMS accreditation award based on Exxaro’s compliance with the RTMS accreditation amendments.