Everything we do today is geared toward ensuring a safer and more productive tomorrow


Exxaro is ranked #1 in ESG performance on selected metrics for resource companies in 2018.

Everything we do today is geared toward ensuring a safer and more productive tomorrow. Our sustainability is founded on creative, mutually constructive relationships and common values with our stakeholders.

We strive to conduct our business activities in a way that creates success not only for Exxaro, but for society too. From how we mine to what we mine, we’re stewarding our natural assets and social capital and using them both to build happy, healthy communities for a better place to live.

How does Exxaro do this?


We are committed to addressing the challenges of access to quality and affordable healthcare for our people.
Given the importance of the health and wellness of our employees and contractors, we introduced the Occupational Health Incident Frequency Rate (OHIFR) two years ago and we are driving awareness to improve the health of all our people.  


The safety of our employees and communities where we operate is a priority.
We aim to achieve zero injuries and zero fatalities by setting targets to improve safety performance each year.
All our operational business units have international health and safety accreditation (OHSAS 18001).


Exxaro is a responsible corporate citizen and plays an active role in protecting and preserving the environment by reducing our carbon emission footprint.  


To meet our current and future skills requirements, we invest in our existing employees, future employees, and in the communities that provide our labour.

At present, 99% of Exxaro’s labour is sourced in South Africa and, at any operation, over 70% is sourced from host communities.
Our education, bursary and skills development initiatives are geared towards empowering local communities to compete for positions in the company.
Between 2008 and 2017, Exxaro spent just over R400 million on socio-economic development initiatives.