Everything we do today is geared toward ensuring a safer and more productive tomorrow


Exxaro is ranked #1 in ESG performance on selected metrics for resource companies.


Everything we do today is geared towards ensuring a safer and more productive tomorrow. Our sustainability is founded on creative, mutually constructive relationships and common values with our stakeholders. We conduct our business activities in a way that creates success, not only for Exxaro but for society too.

From how we mine to what we mine, we’re stewarding our natural assets and social capital and using them both to uplift our communities.



We are committed to addressing the challenges of access to quality and affordable healthcare for our people.

The health and wellness of our employees and contractors is of the utmost importance, which is why we introduced the Occupational Health Incident Frequency Rate (OHIFR) four years ago to drive awareness and to improve the health of all our people. 

We continue to improve medical surveillance by extending clinical tests (heart disease and risk-based cancer screening) and ensuring our employees receive once-off DNA analysis assessments. Diagnosis was recently extended to include COVID-19 screenings which will help tackle the pandemic.


Zero harm remains Exxaro’s key safety objective. The group recorded an LTIFR of less than the target of 0.11. We will continue to do better and remain confident that we will improve on this through our safety campaign, “khetha ukuphepha”, which we launched in November 2019. We are pleased to report zero fatalities for 48 consecutive months at 2 Mach 2021.


To meet our current and future skill requirements, we invest in our existing employees, future employees, and in the communities that provide our labour. 

Currently 99% of Exxaro’s labour is sourced in South Africa and, at any operation, over 70% is sourced from host communities. Our education, bursary and skills development initiatives are geared towards empowering local community members to compete for positions within our company.

In 2020, we supported 78 (2019: 74) PIT candidates at a cost of R36.2 million (2019: R34million) — 73% (2019: 72%) black people, including 32% (2019: 31%) black women.


Our Climate Change Response Strategy is integral to our Sustainable Growth and Impact strategy and objectives as we understand that these elements of our business and operating environment are deeply connected. Our strategic response is also guided by our purpose of powering better lives in Africa and beyond. We believe our greatest opportunity is to help steer South Africa towards a sustainable future through undiluted focus on low-carbon minerals and energy.