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As the country’s second largest earner (after gold), coal provides 6.1% of the country’s total merchandise exports. South Africa is fortunate to hold the sixth largest coal reserves in the world (estimated to total 31 billion tonnes of recoverable coal – 11% of the world’s total). With the country’s highest concentrations, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and the surrounding regions have been at the epicentre of the local coal mining industry for decades. It’s no surprise then that this is where Exxaro’s mines can be found.


Our operations span seven sites across the coal-rich provinces and produce high-quality thermal, metallurgical, and coking coal for both domestic and export markets. Driven by the goal of supporting South Africa’s growth through a steady local supply of this essential mineral, as well as the mandate of making South Africa’s coal sector more competitive on the international stage, every project we undertake at these sites is guided by the need for constant improvement in people, processes and equipment to drive greater efficiencies. Find out more about some of our latest projects below.


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